MARLBOROUGH – Keith P. Segalla, Executive Director for Career Vocational and Technical Education for the Quincy Public Schools, has a big job ahead of him: planning, organizing, and running the largest awards banquet for vocational students in Massachusetts.

Mr. Segalla has been appointed to serve as Event Coordinator for the Outstanding Vocational Technical Student Awards Banquet. In that role, he will be in charge of planning, promoting, and delivering a high-quality banquet dinner and awards presentation for more than 500 people.

Mr. Segalla’s appointment was announced by the Massachusetts Association of Vocational Administrators (MAVA), the organization that co-sponsors this annual event with the Massachusetts Vocational Association (MVA).

“This is a big event, one with lots of history,” said MAVA Executive Director Steven C. Sharek, “We are very lucky that Keith stepped up to accept this responsibility.”

The awards banquet, held at Mechanics Hall in April, annually attracts more than 500 educators, public officials, parents, and students. It honors one student from more than 50 schools that offer Chapter 74 state-approved vocational technical programs. This includes regional vocational technical high schools, agricultural schools, independent schools, and comprehensive high schools that offer traditional academic courses, plus a mixture of high-quality vocational programs.

Some traditional high schools offer only a handful of state-approved vocational programs. Quincy High and North Quincy High Schools, where Mr. Segalla oversees career vocational and technical education, offers 19 Chapter 74 state-approved programs.

A resident of Braintree, Mr. Segalla has served in his current role in the Quincy Public Schools since 2007. He earned a Master of Education from Lesley University and a B.S. in Accounting and Business Management from Salem State College.

Mr. Segalla will be supported by Robert Packard, a retired vocational administrator who has been organizing the banquet for more than 30 years. Mr. Packard is retiring in January. MAVA, the organization that hosts the banquet, advocates for high-quality vocational education in Massachusetts.


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