Leadership Academy I Coordinator

Kathleen Conole | kathyconole@mava.us

Application Procedure

All elements of the application packet as indicated below:

  1. Nomination form completed by nominee’s superintendent-director, or designee familiar with the candidate.
  2. Completed application form, including resume, provided by the candidate.
  3. Candidate response and agreement to conditions form provided by the candidate.


Vocational, technical, and agricultural education in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts requires distinctive management. Recognizing this need, a focus group formed by the Massachusetts Association of Vocational Administrators (MAVA) and composed of incumbent, successful middle and senior managers identified topics and skills determined to be the most critical to the success of leaders in our schools.

Leadership Academy I has successfully provided preparation for administrators and school leaders for many years. With an average annual enrollment of 25-30, the Academy has prepared and supported many current and retired administrators across the state. Graduates of this program are currently serving throughout the commonwealth in a vast array of school leadership positions, including mid-level and senior management positions. Some are current superintendents.

Leadership Academy I provides preparation and instruction enabling participants to demonstrate competency in the Professional Standards and Indicators for Administrative Leadership and culminates in the preparation of a professional portfolio. Participants attain knowledge and skills in Instructional Leadership, Management and Operations, Family and Community Engagement, and Professional Culture.

In response to the many changes and challenges that our schools have experienced over the past few years, additional emphasis has been placed on providing knowledge and experiences in addressing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, issues associated with remote and hybrid curriculum, instruction, and assessment, as well as changes in the workforce.

As part of Leadership Academy I, participants can enroll in one or two graduate level course offered by Fitchburg State University:

  • Introduction to Fundamentals of Effective Vocational Technical Education Leadership
  • Applications in the Management of Human, Program, and Financial Resources for Vocational Technical School Administrators

The 2023 Academy will be conducted over five, two-day sessions scheduled in January, April, June, October, and November at the Devens Commons Conference Center.

Each participant must have the endorsement of his/her superintendent to be eligible for consideration to attend the Academy.

The MAVA Leadership Academy I is designed to prepare individuals who have the potential, the talent, and the commitment to become leaders in our vocational, technical, and agricultural schools and high schools with Chapter 74 programs.  If you seek such developmental opportunities, if you see yourself as a possible future educational leader, then please consider seeking a nomination from your school and follow up with an application for admission.

Are you a future educational leader? Why not find out?

Schedule of Dates for
2022–2023 MAVA Leadership Academy I


Tuesday 24
Wednesday 25


Wednesday 12
Thursday 13


Tuesday 27
Wednesday 28


Wednesday 4
Thursday 5


Wednesday 8
Thursday 9