MARLBOROUGH – Edward A. Bouquillon, the long-time Superintendent of Minuteman Regional High School in Lexington, has been appointed to lead an intensive professional development program designed to train future leaders of vocational technical and agricultural schools in Massachusetts. Dr. Bouquillon will serve as Coordinator of Leadership Academy II, a training program established by the Massachusetts Association of Vocational Administrators (MAVA) to help educators develop the leadership competencies to serve in roles including superintendents, assistant superintendents, and directors.

Dr. Bouquillon will succeed John “Jack” Jones, who held the position for many years and is retiring. Immediately before retiring, Mr. Jones had served as Superintendent of Tri-County Regional Vocational Technical School District in Franklin MA.

“The timing is perfect,” said Dr. Andrew Linkenhoker, Vice-President of MAVA’s Board of Directors and the Superintendent at Smith Vocational and Agricultural High School in Northampton. “Ed Bouquillon has a passion for mentoring young talent, he’s retiring soon, and MAVA had an opportunity for someone to help build future leaders. This is a great fit.”

Dr. Bouquillon earned his PhD in Workforce Education and Development from Pennsylvania State University. The subject of his dissertation was Mentoring.

Dr. Bouquillon has led Minuteman as Superintendent-Director since 2007. Under his leadership, the school demonstrated continuous high performance, won a National Blue-Ribbon Award, expanded its career offerings, added business partnerships, and revised its regional agreement. He won approval for a new $149 million school which opened in 2019, with growing enrollment.

He has been an active member of MAVA having served as its President from 2013-2014.

MAVA operates two Leadership Academies. The first, led by retired administrator Kathleen T. Conole, helps educators learn the basic skills needed to become teacher leaders and broaden their skills as school administrators. The second, to be led by Dr. Bouquillon, assists educators in preparing for upper level leadership positions, including superintendent.

In Leadership Academy II, participants take part in sessions throughout the year. Participants seeking admission to the Academy complete an application, including a letter of support from their Superintendent. Some districts have an application process to select the participant from several interested educators in their specific school.

Applicants from regional vocational technical schools, agricultural schools, independent schools, or traditional high schools that offer state-approved vocational-technical programs are welcome. Leadership Academy II is likely to begin in April 2022.

Diversity, equity, and vocational admissions policies will be among the topics to be explored at Leadership Academy II, according to Dr. Bouquillon. There will also be an emphasis on the art and science of leadership to give Academy graduates a clear picture of their strengths and how to apply these personal assets in their current and future positions.

MAVA, the professional association that Academy II, advocates for highoverse es Leadership Academy I and Leadership quality vocational education in Massachusetts.

The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education support Leadership Academies . The Department annual provide s a s both MAVA Perkins Innovation and Modernization Grant to assist in covering some of the cost of the programs .


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